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Just to top off the irony at work here, Caliborn’s ORIGINAL THE CHARACTER DO NOT STEAL was… stolen. This was posted on the mspa forums by user Nakkirz in 2010, before Lord English was revealed! Bet he never expected this to become “canon” in the end!

Of course, 99% of fanart depicted him as a bishie Final Fantasy villain looking guy in the vein of this art. Honestly this is one of the better looking ones though! 

holy fucking shit


ok internet, here’s an interruption in your daily rugged white dude dashboard.

this is cykeem white:


cykeem is an up and coming male model who (i believe) just participated in his first fashion week. he is insanely beautiful.







i highly recommend you all join me in keeping a close eye in his career trajectory, because he’s an extremely talented model, and he is, imo, shockingly beautiful. everyone likes shockingly beautiful men, right? right.


hey guys!!

so my mom has a shop on Etsy where she usually makes fandom related things - gloves, pillows, shoulder bags, etc., but she recently decided to start making pride beanies!! 

the ones pictured in the first photo are gay/lesbian, asexual, bisexual, pansexual, genderqueer, and transgender - the ones I’m wearing are pansexual and asexual.

these are only $15 with FREE SHIPPING on her etsy shop!

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